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"Meyer says part of Granular's success stems from its practices of hiring only senior-level digital marketing talent and keeping a flat management structure that results in more direct relationships with clients."
February 02, 2016
"They only hire experienced PPC specialists."
March 20, 2016
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"First, you should find your current customers on Facebook; I like to do this with Custom Audiences."
May 02, 2016
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"It's something you probably deal with every time you open the internet -- ads. It can be hard to know which ones are okay and which are dangerous. To help us sort it all out, the Studio A team welcomed Jordon Meyer with Granular Marketing."
March 01, 2016
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"We’re a small agency in Milwaukee with big PPC experience. That experience comes from working for a combined 8 agencies, multiple in-house marketing teams (including Best Buy and Kohl’s), and even hiring a few agencies ourselves in our 'previous lives'."
February 23, 2016
Instagram advertising for small business
"Should you be using Instagram advertising for your small business? It's a question a lot of people have so I was thrilled to have Jordon Meyer join me on the show this week to talk about Instagram advertising, why it's a good idea, and how to get started. "
May 05, 2016
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"This post will go over three simple, proactive steps that will lessen your clean-up workload in the future or prep you for new marketing opportunities."
February 29, 2016
Milwaukee business journal
"From pingpong games to Nerf basketball contests to pet dog mascots, the office has an environment that is inviting and relaxing. See the attached slideshow for photos of the firm's office space."
April 10, 2016
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"...His most memorable moment in PPC is spending over $300,000 in a single day, during Cyber Monday at Best Buy."
May 12, 2016
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"Beer and PPC. Two of my favorite things in this world. With some brief thinking, it was easy to compare the two worlds. Both the brewing and PPC campaign creation process are delicate procedures. Both processes follow a plan of execution, and one small mistake in either of the plans could mean horrible results."
December 10, 2015
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"When you need to buy something, do you need straight to Amazon or another big box online retailer? Well, you might want to skip those and go straight to the source. Jordon Meyer with Granular joined the Studio A team to talk about 'niche retailers'."
March 02, 2016
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"Take a step back from your keyword lists and focus on your audience for a bit. Try to get in their heads and understand what will connect with their needs the most."
November 03, 2015
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"I think the first thing is just understanding what you're going to measure. You need to have a goal in mind."
March 23, 2016